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Q - I understand there have been break-ins at the new supermailboxes, what can we do if this happens to us?

A - Mailboxes fall under federal jurisdiction. If you have any issues with break-ins or suspected theft, please contact the RCMP.  The RCMP keeps track of all incidents, this helps determine patterns and trends. If your mailbox is broken, please call Canada Post and report it so they can send someone out to have it fixed.

In addition you can send an email to our MP, Blake Richards, advising him of what has happened - blake.richards@parl.gc.ca. Be sure to include your name, address and phone number along with the location of the mailboxes. Mr. Richards can then follow up with the Canada Post liaison.

Last February, a man was arrested and charged with 52 counts of mailbox theft in the Bearspaw/Springbank area. Another man was arrested in the Fall.  These are crimes of opportunity, being the eyes and ears and reporting unusual activity is the best thing we can all do.

Q - The new crosswalk and flashing lights along Blue Ridge Rise, how much did they cost?

A - They were part of the Lasso Trail upgrades which were fronted by Watermark ($100,000) and a contribution from the County ($49,000).  The cost of the lights was $18,000.

Q - When will the Centre Street Church (Damkar lands - North of Watermark) start construction?


A - After an approval in late summer 2018, from the Development Appeal Board, construction was set to commence in Spring 2019.  Stripping and grading work has commenced, foundations should be in some time this Spring

Q - I have heard the Bearspaw Area Structure Plan is up for review. How do I get involved?

A - The review of the Bearspaw Area Structure Plan is slated to begin this Spring.  I would love to see as much participation as possible.  This is our community and I believe that it is really important that we hear from as many residents as possible. 

As Al Sacuta used to say, "Change is inevitable. Not all change is good".  Both Councillor Crystal Kissel and I are really hopeful that you will come out and share your vision for how you believe Bearspaw should grow.

Notifications will be sent via SAFE and SOUND, or you can sign up to receive my email updates and I'll be sure to keep you in the loop.  Of course, there will be signs about open houses throughout the community, as well. To be placed on the County's email list, please contact - development@rockyview.ca

Q - When I call the police, fire or ambulance who will respond? 


A - Police response for the Bearspaw area comes  from Airdrie or Cochrane's RCMP detachments. 


For a medical emergency, emergency services come from either Calgary, Cochrane or Airdrie.


Fire response comes from the Bearspaw Fire Hall with back-up from Springbank or Balzac. In extreme cases, response may come from Calgary or Cochrane.

Q - The rate increases from the water co-op are too high, can you help?

A - Like you, I am a member of a water co-op, however, the County has no jurisdiction over these privately owned cooperatives. 

Any questions should be directed to the water co-op itself.  Major concerns can be brought before the Alberta Utilities Commission(AUC). 

Attendance at the AGM is a good way to remain involved and have your voice heard.