What's happening in Bearspaw?

There's always something going on in Bearspaw. From road improvements to construction to storm water management. 

Check here to stay up to date. If I'm missing something, please let me know.

Bearspaw Rd Widening

Bearspaw Rd is being widened from Burma Rd north to TWP Rd 262.  Its target completion date is Summer 2018. 

While last year saw much of the widening completed, its repaving was completed this June. At Burma Rd, the utilities have finally been relocated for the turn lanes at Burma Rd. The County has just received Ministerial approval to continue. However, the inclement weather has not been co-operating.

The County also received approval from the province in regards to the Water Act to address the culverts and widen the slopes at Jewel Valley.  This is why the speed limit has been reduced to 50km/hr there.


​The total budgeted cost for the road's upgrade is $3.5 million.

 Bearspaw ASP Review

The Bearspaw Area Structure Plan is the guiding document for development in the Bearspaw area.  It is scheduled for a comprehensive review for the following reasons:

* The County Plan (2013) requires that ASPs be reviewed every 10 years; the Bearspaw Plan was adopted in 1994 and has not been comprehensively reviewed since adoption.

* The Bearspaw ASP must align with the County Plan (adopted in 2013) and requires review to ensure alignment.

* The County has received an increasing number of large-scale development applications and proposals in recent years that do not fit the Bearspaw ASP policies.  A review is needed to determine if the policies should be changed.

* A full review of an ASP allows for holistic consideration to determine appropriate land uses supported by feasible utility, transportation, and stormwater systems.

The Bearspaw ASP review has begun.  The County is holding a series of open houses, please participate. Help create the vision of how you would like to see Bearspaw grow.

As more information becomes available, I will be sure to pass it along. This is your opportunity to have input into how you believe our community should develop.

Bearspaw Master Drainage Plan

Given its knob and kettle terrain, Bearspaw has its challenges when it comes to storm water management.  Much development occurred before the County really understood the problems this type of topography created. 

The primary issue within the area is that water has no place to go (no 'outlet').  An issue that exists within specific pockets of the community as well as Bearspaw as a whole.  What the Master Drainage Plan (2009), and related initiatives ultimately seek to do is to: (a) provide adequate storage to hold sudden inflows of water; and (b) establish a way to move the water out of the community at a controlled rate.

There are several separate projects underway to provide localized relief, which have been implemented and supported through the County’s Policy 459 – Storm Drainage Improvements . 


These smaller projects are focused on individual areas (catchments) but all ultimately build towards the same global solutions.  Upon completion, the projects will provide significant drainage and flooding relief and focus on (a) re-establishing and improving natural conveyance systems and (b) providing improved interim water storage.  By managing the water balance, the County reduces the likelihood of flooding and the damage that it causes - e.g.. Compromised septic systems, in-home flooding, block roads, and overland flooding in general.

Stormwater Mitigation

The County is currently working on fixing issues in the most problematic parts of the area when it comes to flooding.



Based on the “Bearspaw Drainage Assessment – Meadow Drive” (MPE 2009), the most recent estimate to sufficiently address the water issues for Meadow Drive is $6.4 Million. 


The final number will be impacted by a number of factors, including land/legal costs, wetland compensation and construction costs.  Pending acceptance of a final design (which needs to be taken to the community), the County will complete a formal re-estimate of the project.  


Pumping  has been a measure that has been implemented in the past.  These are the cost breakdowns for the past 5 years in the Bearspaw area

2017:Meadow Drive - $163,423

($13,423 – Operations budget - with an additional approved $150,000 budget adjustment by Council)

2016: 0

2015: 0
2014: Bearspaw Summit - $13,500
2013: Aspen Drive - $34,212;

Meadow Drive - $274,831;

Rolling Acres - $28,236  - All costs in 2013 were covered through provincial grants.


Every Wednesday from 11am to 7pm the County provides a CHUCKwagon (massive recycling bin) in the Bearspaw Lifestyle Centre's Parking Lot.

This is a free service provided by the County to collect recyclables including plastics, newsprint, cardboard and metal tins.

Feel free to take full advantage of this County initiative.